ValueCare Mission & Vision

Our Mission

To provide VALUE-based, high quality care to every patient and family we serve.

Our Vision

To be the most VALUE-based and caring ambulance service.

ValueCare Mission & Vision

ValueCare Ambulance will STRIVE TO ALWAYS

  • Provide VALUE and CARE
  • Do the right thing
  • Treat other how we want to be treated
  • Put patients and families first
  • Make safety a top priority
  • Take care of one another
  • Give back to the communities we serve
  • Listen to all sides
  • Seek to understand
  • Celebrate faith, family, and our Creator
  • Take pride in our service and our brand
  • Be one team, one family
  • Promote peace and diversity
  • Honor our country, our flag, and our military
  • Be grateful
  • Use our talents and training to better the world
  • Act kindly and avoid assumptions
  • Care for the whole person