About ValueCare Ambulance
Jamey Baker, MBA, NRP, FACHE
Owner & CEO

ValueCare Ambulance Service was formed in June of 2017 as a private, independent, medical transport company.

In a time when transportation insecurities continue to increase, ValueCare was designed and built to be a quality, value-based, medical mobility alternative.

Today ValueCare services dozens of referral sources and thousands of patients across the state of Ohio.

We are one of the fastest growing ambulance services in the state because we have a premier focus on providing Value and Care to every person we employ and every patient and family we serve.

Since 2017, our reputation is a testament to our commitment to quality, and our continued expansion in services and area is a result of our core principle to treat every person in the manner we would want ourselves or the ones we love, treated.

When you call upon ValueCare, you are connecting to a company, a culture, and a team that will tell you the truth, care for you like family, admit our mistakes and fix them, and always strive to do the right thing.

It is a privilege to serve others as a medical transportation employer and a healthcare provider, and we thank you for choosing ValueCare Ambulance Service.