The J & J Baker ValueLife Foundation was founded by lifelong healthcare and first responder professionals, Jamey & Jennifer Baker. Throughout the years, Jamey & Jennifer have dedicated their lives to caring for others in facilities, at home, and on the street.

As current owners of multiple mobile medical programs, Jamey & Jennifer see first-hand every day the obstacles to a higher-VALUE life because of instability and insecurities in one of the most common social determinants of health; transportation and mobility, along with the growing shortages of competent, caring, and credentialed field healthcare and first responder professionals.

It is the commitment of Jamey and Jennifer Baker that through this foundation, a source of support and funds will be generated and under strict stewardship be utilized to help tip the scales of a valuable life back in the favor of those who need it the most.

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To compassionately provide methods and means for patients, families, caregivers, and the general public to preserve, improve, and advance their medical mobility condition, thereby enriching the VALUE of their lives.


  • Resources to support and fund medical transportation when other methods or sources of payment are out of reach.
  • Resources to support and fund mobility assistance and accessibility devices such as wheelchairs and ramps.


  • Resources to support and fund transportation and respite for a chronically ill or terminal family members.
  • Resources to support and fund temporary living accommodations when traveling with or for a chronically ill or terminal family member.


  • Resources to support and fund initial training, education, and credentialing of the aspiring field healthcare or first responder professional.
  • Resources to support and fund continuing education, advanced certifications, and seminars of the practicing field healthcare or first responder professional.

General Public:

  • Resources to support and fund community education, awareness, and innovation programs that engage the general public in providing goodwill services to their fellow citizens.
  • Resources to support and fund other businesses, charities, nonprofits, educational institutions, with like-minded missions.